SunfireSDS10B 250 watt subwoofer with dual 10″ drivers


SunfireSDS10B 250 watt subwoofer with dual 10″ drivers


Amazing performance
Here’s a 10″ sub (active + passive) with 300w power, and a sealed enclosure

When you want to experience more from your movies and music, the SDS-10 steps up to deliver peak power output of 500W using a 10″ custom Sunfire driver that is mated to a 10″ down-firing radiator.

Twice the woofers for twice the bass! The SDS-10 incorporates Sunfire’s wide-band, energy efficient Class D amplifier and produces twice the output of its smaller sibling – while only consuming a half a watt in standby.

Sunfire’s exclusive FFDTM technology results in superior fidelity, higher output and with lower distortion than the competition. 

An all new finish is just the start
Vision. It is where all classicthings begin their eventual road to fame. It’s also the difference between that rare group of products that inspire you– and those that just fi ll a  niche. In 1994, Bob Carver challenged a group of engineers to take his vision and permanently raise the possibilities for what many considered
a category of followers not leaders. It was the birth of Sunfi re and the beginning of a vision that would lead to more than 15 years of unique
and critically acclaimed patents and products. Each has elevated the art of home entertainment electronics and loudspeakers for tens of thousands of people around the world.

Contemporary design, timeless refi nement and sonic performance that is singularly Sunfi re. The Dynamic Series displays each of these while offering a few pleasant surprises including a price that only the latest technologies could make possible. Each SDS model is designed and built by the same engineers responsible for our premium, high
performance XT and HRS products. And each is purpose-designed as a fully-featured, future classic manufactured to the requirements of today’s more streamlined lifestyles and budget.



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