SonosPlay:1 wireless streaming speaker


SonosPlay:1 wireless streaming speaker


Petite and practical
Great for beginners or as an add on for existing systems

Sonos small power speaker called the Play:1 is much more than the sum of it’s parts. To beginners, it and a Bridge offer the cheapest entry to date into the world of audio streaming with one of the best control interfaces around via either your computer or any number of Apple or Android touch-screen devices using the free apps.

For existing systems the Play:1 can be a useful extra speaker, perhaps for the kids’ rooms, or as an easily portable unit around the home. Alternatively, a pair can be used as the rear effects in a Playbar surround setup. You could even create a dynamic sub/sat stereo system with two of these and a Sonos SUB – this would have a lot of clout and work well while having minimal visible impact.

The range of Sonos components has grown into a very flexible mix’n’match arsenal. Being able to adapt existing music systems by adding a Connect, or use almost any pair of speakers with a Connect:Amp. 

There are also regular software updates to add new functions, and your Sonos system will continue to develop over time. The Play:1 is a welcome addition to the repertoire and is guaranteed to be a success.








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