Serhan+SwiftMu.2 Bookshelf Speaker


Serhan+SwiftMu.2 Bookshelf Speaker


The Serhan+Swift Mu.2 2 way stand mount, reflex loaded loudspeaker is the very pinnacle and expression of our years of technical know-how…

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Mu.2 loudspeaker is the very pinnacle and expression of our years of technical know-how; birch-ply construction, the selection of the finest ScanSpeak drivers, the critical crossover design process for driver integration, baffle diffraction, phase coherence and most importantly, the sound…

Recent Praise for the Mu.2

Read the reviews of well known and respected overseas HiFi stores in the United Kingdom like Graham’s HiFi in London Here, HiFi Lounge in Biggleswade Here & Audio Therapy in Newcastle upon Tyne Here

Perhaps StereoNet.UK’s Jay Garrett’s review best describes the musical performance of the Mu.2:

“If you are looking to reproduce a genuinely emotive performance from your favourite music at home, you need to add the Brigadier Mu2 to your audition list.”They are involving, accurate and can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and give you goosebumps. Failing that, they’ll certainly leave you with a big grin on your face.”

To read Jay Garrett’s full review from StereoNet UK click here

The Serhan+Swift approach:
We’ve chosen drive units from our friends at ScanSpeak to create a loudspeaker with ‘heart & soul’.  The ‘heart’ of the design, are the renowned ScanSpeak drivers. The ‘soul’ manifests in the crossover design, the use of quality Solen crossover components in combination with our ‘low noise floor’ birch-ply cabinets and constrained layered ‘at source’ damping technology.

And the sound, we think is sublime…

But enough talk, it’s listening time, so come to Len Wallis Audio and delight your senses with an audition of the Mu2!

Key Features
+ ScanSpeak Revelator Bass/Mid driver
+ ScanSpeak Ring Radiatior Tweeter
+ Cardas Rhodium ‘high purity’ copper binding posts
+ Crossover components utilising Solen premium quality air cored inductors, polypropylene capacitors and non inductive resistors
+ Birch Plywood enclosure
+ Constrained Layered ‘at source’ Damping technology

Driver Technology
ScanSpeak 1″ Ring Radiator Tweeter
Patented Symmetrical Drive(SD-2) motor
+ Non Resonant Alu Rear Chamber
+ Patented Phase Plug Design
+ Large Ring Neo Magnet
+ Extremely Low Distortion

ScanSpeak 5”/15cm Revelator Bass/Mid
+ Patented Symmetrical Drive motor design
+ Low-Loss linear suspension
+ Die cast Alu Chassis vented below the spider
+ Sliced Cone (controls Cone Breakup)
+ Low Damping SBR Rubber Surround

Cabinet Architechture
+ Low noise floor cabinet
+ Constrained layered ‘at source’ damping technology
+ The cabinet utilises the constrained layered damping qualities of 25mm Birch Plywood to reduce the the noise floor
+ Asymmetric bracing




Just who is Serhan+Swift?

Serhan+Swift, draws on the design experience of noted Australian designer Brad Serhan, who has been designing legendary ‘award winning’ loudspeakers for over 30 years. And the immensely wise design skills sets of Brad’s business partner electronic engineer Morris Swift. We also draw on the magnificent design talents of Nick Hanson and James Galloway.

Special acknowledgments to ‘audio’ Dave Allen, Les Davis of ‘Les Davis Audio’, Paulus Secchi, Toby Hogpin and Fred Schnerring!

To learn more visit the Serhan+ Swift website here

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 32 mm


Frequency response


Power handling

Nominal Impendance


High Gloss Black

  1. Jason Sexton

    We then sit and listen, not saying a word. It’s as though we dare not speak as we might put the band off as they appear to be in the room with us. The speakers have managed to do that magic trick of disappearing from the room leaving only an unconstrained musical performance.
    ’The Brigadier Mu2 Loudspeaker’

    — Jay Garrett, Stereonet UK

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