RichterMentor V Bookshelf Speakers

$799 Was $999


RichterMentor V Bookshelf Speakers

$799 Was $999

There is a new range of Richter loudspeakers due for release early 2019, and we are clearing the existing range prior to then. The Mentor is the larger of their two bookshelf models, and has established itself as one of the ‘must audition’ speakers under $1,000.

Our new Mentor loudspeakers feature the same top-line wide-dispersion soft-dome tweeters and 6-inch drivers as our flagship Dragons, offering that extra room-filling ‘oomph’ from a bookshelf model. But the real secret is in the cabinets, whose crossover filter design and cabinet noise reduction techniques culminate in a big, natural dynamic sound.

From the top

The soft-dome neodymium tweeters provide wide dispersion, producing a lively and spacious sound stage with smooth musicality, and a response extending well beyond human hearing.

The highly efficient 6-inch mid/bass drivers harness composite cones combining the natural acoustic finesse of paper with the strength of modern carbon fibre technology. This produces ideal damping characteristics plus the coherence and timing essential to draw you into the music.

The awesome bass is rich, deep and firm.

New crossovers were painstakingly designed with feedback from a large team of audio specialists across Australia to produce emotional vocals, an astonishingly vivid sound stage and a smooth blending of frequencies. The highly stable off-axis response means the Legends maintain realism in a wide spectrum of listening environments – because everyone’s listening room is different.

The cabinets have been completely redesigned using non-parallel panels to reduce standing waves, and the comprehensive bracing is positioned to minimise harmonics. Double thickness rear and front baffles and new high density damping makes these the most neutral and musical cabinets we have ever produced.

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 375 × 290 × 205 mm



Black Oak, Jarrah


Frequency response


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