Audio PhysicClassic 20 floor-standing speakers. Display pair only – white

$3,395 Was $5,400


Audio PhysicClassic 20 floor-standing speakers. Display pair only – white

$3,395 Was $5,400

timber or glass finishes
A strong performer in this price range, and stylish too.

The driver layout of the Classic 20 is quite different to that of the Classic 10, and more closely resembles the format used in larger Audio Physic speakers. There are two side firing woofers, while the midrange and tweeter remain at the top of the front baffle as usual. This new series has new reflex cabinet design and materials, and might be seen as bridging between the replacement for the Yara, the Classic 10, and the middle batting order from Audio physic, such as the Sitara and Tempo 25.

The drivers (2 x woofers, one midrange and one dome tweeter) are all new, as are the range of finishes. High quality WBT NextGen binding posts are fitted. There are Standard finishes at $4500/pair (Oak, Black Ash, Cherry, Walnut) and Glass Finishes (Glass White, Glass Black) at $4900. The Special Glass (other colours) finishes will cost a little more at $5300/pair.

The Classic 20 takes you a step over and above the Classic 10 while remaining similarly compact dimensions, just a little deeper in the cabinet. This and the extra bass driver enable you to experience more bass depth in the presentation, which is true to Audio Physic’s aim of bringing the live performance into your home.
As ever, the goal of Audio Physic is to present you with as much of the feeling of a “live” performance as possible, within the constraints of size and price. See also the Classic 10.



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