NaimDAC-V1 – Display unit

$2,550 Was $3,150


NaimDAC-V1 – Display unit

$2,550 Was $3,150

Versatile and powerful
Combines multiple inputs with pre-amp and headphone amp. Best DAC in its price range – What*HIFI.

 The DAC-V1 is an asynchronous USB digital to analogue converter with multiple digital S/PDIF inputs, precision volume control and a high-quality headphone amplifier. It will produce stunning sound quality from your computer and transform it into a high-quality, high-resolution music hub. NOTE: See also the companion power amplifier, the NAP100.

Digital made musical
Connect the DAC-V1 to your PC, Mac or Laptop via a standard A to B USB cable and the quality of your music will be defined not by the limitations of the computer hardware, but by the quality of the data itself. And with DAC-V1 that can be incredibly high, up to 24bit/384kHz resolution.
Flexible yet powerful
While the DAC-V1 is perfectly suited to being positioned on a desk near a computer it is also highly versatile. It can integrate seamlessly into a traditional hi-fi system or be used with any two-channel digital audio source such as a games console, satellite box or any other device with a digital output via one of its five S/PDIF digital inputs. The DAC-V1 can also be combined with the Naim UnitiServe hard disc server and its matching power amplifier, the NAP 100, to create a compact high-end music system.
High-speed asynchronous USB input up to 24bit/384kHz
5 x S/PDIF inputs up to 24bit/192kHz (1 x BNC, 2 X RCA, 2 x TOSLINK)
Selectable fixed or variable analogue outputs (DIN or RCA)
Zero S/PDIF Jitter design in common with the original Naim DAC
Naim custom designed Digital Filtering with 16 times oversampling
SHARC ADSP21489 DSP for Digital Filtering and zero S/PDIF jitter
Classic discrete Naim preamplifier gain stage topology with selected components
High-quality Burr Brown PCM1791A DAC, in common with NDX and SuperUniti
Single ended Class-A headphone amplifier. Front panel ¼ inch headphone output
Optical isolation between digital and analogue sections
Naim digitally controlled analogue volume control for performance and precision
Linear power supply with 210VA transformer, windings for Digital, DAC and analogue stages
Operates with computers running OSX, 10.7 and above, Windows XP, 7 and 8
Floating or Chassis ground switch for optimum performance with any system
Field upgradeable firmware
OLED display for adjusting settings and checking incoming bit-rates
Control via IR remote control or front panel controls
DAC-V1 can control computer playback and volume
Compact non-magnetic low-resonance chassis and sleeve
British design and build




Sampling rates





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