Plessis AudioS1 Integrated Amplifier


Plessis AudioS1 Integrated Amplifier


Match this amplifier to enthusiastic speakers and you can expect exciting playback with long term musical satisfaction guaranteed.

The S1 is a joint effort between Charl Du Plessis and his manufacturing partner in China. The design brief was to come up with an amplifier that delivered great sound quality at a really good price. During its design and development the S1 was compared to see how it stacked up against several other amplifiers from both Chinese and Western manufacturers. Much thought and emphasis was placed on the quality of the individual components that make up the S1 and it contains a large number of Japanese-made components, many of them military-grade spec.

This amp is rated to  80 watts RMS into 8 ohms and 130 watts into a 4 ohm load. The frequency response is stated at the extremes of the spectrum also covering a full bandwidth from just 5Hz to a remarkable 110kHz. These figures are well beyond the range of the human ear but with formats encoded with such wide frequency bandwidths, such as Super Audio CD, it’s definitely beneficial to performance if the hardware can handle them.

Key features
Solid State Amplifier
Remote Controlled (volume up and down, mute and on/standby)
Four Line Level Inputs
High Quality speaker terminals
Headphone Input
80 w RMS into 8 Ohm
130 w RMS into 4 Ohm
Frequency response 5hz to 110Khz
THD + N smaller than 0.06% at 1Khz fully driven
Military Grade Components
Factory Based in Beijing as Manufacturing Plant with Military QC
Volume control directly coupled to PCB shortest signal path
Efficient and fast power supply core design moulded in ceramic

Who is Plessis Audio?
Plessis Audio is the brain child of Charles Du Plessis. Charl grew up in South Africa, although, as you would guess, his family has its roots in France. After finishing uni and a short stint in National Service in the Army, Charl went on to be involved for a number of years in the HiFi industry there, mainly in wholesale distribution. He has an abiding love for good analogue stereo music, and is the proud owner of a much modified Linn Sondek turntable.

Since coming to Australia in 1996 he has continued his interest in HiFi to the point now of releasing his own special products including the S1.

The amplifier designs have grown from Charl’s knowledge of what makes a quality product – he has a keen interest in the components that go into them – and his excellent relationship with the principal manufacturer. Together they have done extensive research into the factors which deliver particular complexions and accuracy of sound. This assists in ensuring that the end result will be a most satisfying one by attending to every detail. Plessis Audio products are at once traditional in style and innovative in what they offer at the exceptionally good price.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 400 x 300 x 150 mm

Plessis Audio

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