Marantz 70 Day Trade in Celebration

Special Promotion: Celebrate 70 Years of Marantz Excellence and Upgrade Your Audio Setup with a 20% Trade-In Credit!

Commemorating 70 Years of Sonic Brilliance with Marantz’s 70 for 70 Event

Starting September 1, Marantz invites you to join us in celebrating seven decades of audio innovation through our special “70 Days for 70 Years” Trade-In Program. This is your golden ticket to revamp your audio experience, be it for music or home theater, into an epitome of Modern Musical Luxury.

How You Can Upgrade with Len Wallis Audio

Simply bring your existing audio gear—be it a stereo or AV amplifier or receiver from any brand—to Len Wallis Audio. You’ll receive a 20% store credit that you can apply towards a brand new Marantz masterpiece.

The Upgrade Process Couldn’t Be Simpler:
  1. Trade-In: Hand over any functioning stereo or AV amplifier or receiver, regardless of brand.
  2. Get Credited: Receive a 20% store credit.
  3. Choose Your Marantz: Use your credit to acquire a new Marantz AV Receiver, Amplifier, or CD Player from our list of eligible products below.

Your New Marantz Comes with Long-Term Peace of Mind

Every new Marantz equipment you purchase is backed by a robust three-year warranty, promising you lasting satisfaction.

Eligible Products for This Exclusive Offer:

AV Receivers AV Processors Power Amps Stereo Amps CD Players Others
CINEMA70s AV10 AMP10 NR1200 CD6007 CR612
CINEMA60 AV8805A MM8077 PM7000 CD60
CINEMA50 AV7706 MM7055 MODEL40n
CINEMA40 MM7025 PM-12B

Upgrade your sound and your life with Marantz. Join us in our “70 Days for 70 Years” celebration today!

Note: This offer is valid for a limited period and subject to terms and conditions.