PanasonicTH77EZ1000U 77″ OLED TV with integrated soundbar


PanasonicTH77EZ1000U 77″ OLED TV with integrated soundbar


A massive 77″ or 164 cm screen size means a complete OLED immersion experience like never before…

When you combine the stunning contrast and color of the next-gen Panasonic OLED Television that is the TH-65EZ1000U with tuning by hollywood film makers, HDR Coloration and cutting edge image processing capability – you have the most impressive picture Panasonic has ever created.

This Flagship model features razor thin panel with integrated Technics tuned sound-bar and seamless cable management to elevate your home cinema experience to a level never thought possible until now. This is a home cinema experience that will surpass your every expectation.

Previously the realm of product designer dreams and the subject of science fiction – The EZ1000U Series takes OLEDs unique qualities and improves on them with a powerful mix of professional-grade Panasonic TV technology and Hollywood know how. What has resulted is picture qualit that rivals the film industry master monitors. These are the very screens that are used in post prodution for editing and final coloration before the Master tape is locked for cinematic distribution. What this means to you is images that match almost exactly, the images as the film makers intended.


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