TriangleThetis 320 250 watt subwoofer with 10″ downfiring driver


TriangleThetis 320 250 watt subwoofer with 10″ downfiring driver


D class perfection
The ideal partner for HiFi & HomeTheatre has arrived. Be prepared to be impressed.

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Small in stature but big on performance – significantly enhance your Home Theatre or HiFi system with the Thetis 320 Subwoofer

The Thetis 320 Triangle subwoofer will improve the delivery of the lower frequencies of your system. Offer you a deep and dynamic delivery of bass notes, perfectly expressing the power and energy of your movies and music to give you a truly emersive feel.

Built on many years of Triangle expertise and developments, the Thesis 320 successfully blends performance and compactness. Easy to integrate, it’s the perfect addition to esiting systems or when designing and new one, blending perfectly into your interior.

With simply implementation, once you’ve connected the Thetis 320, you’ll feel the richness of the distinctive deep sounds, a focus on musicality above all and incredible dynamic impacts that have to be heard to be believed.

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The Thetis 320 subwoofer has a closed cabinet, equipped with an 10” driver with half roll suspension. In order to reduce vibrations, the cabinet has been carefully designed with ingeniously placed internal reinforcements.

Equipped with a class D amplifier of 250-watt RMS and 400 watt peak power, Thetis 320 produces an amazing sound for such a small enclosure. It also features a remote control and a sound level indicator on the front panel so you can adjust the subwoofer perfectly.

Equipped with class D amplifier of 250W ( with 400W peak) you’ll experience a deep and tight low register rarely seen in such compact subwoofers. The stereo RCA inputs enable you to adjust the crossover on your subwoofer with a frequency roll-off ranging from 30Hz to 120Hz for an optimal balance of your system.

The Thetis series also offer an LFE input leaving the crossover function to your home-theatre amplifier, as well as high-level inputs for amplifiers with no “subwoofer” output. A whole host of adjustibility features are available including:
Volume control, cut-off frequency, phase switch and automatic standby. The Thetis models feature an LED display indicating the sound level and all is controlled via the remote.

TYPE: Subwoofer – closed box
BANDWIDTH (Hz):35-120 Watts
INPUTS: LFE, L&R high and low level
OUTPUTS: High Level
DIMENSIONS (mm): 360x320x320
NET WEIGHT (kg): 14.4kgs



Driver Size

Amplifier Output




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