FocalDome5.1 Home Theatre speaker package


FocalDome5.1 Home Theatre speaker package


5.1 Sub-Sat speaker system.
The Real Hi-Fi Option in small sub-sat speakers

5 x Dome compact 2-way sealed speakers combined with the Dome bass-reflex subwoofer. Focal sound in compact and sophisticated design. High gloss laquered aluminum cabinet. Made in France.  Optional color grilles red, blue and yellow.

The Dome speaker system whether the 2.1 or the 5.1 version, has been acknowledged as the truly “Hi-Fi” sat-sub system that the average person can afford. The combination of cast metal hemispherical enclosures and high quality woofer & tweeter (and this is an area Focal know everything about!) gives precise, uncoloured, smooth sound which can cope with all styles of music from delicate to high-energy. 

In its handling of challenging soundtrack material it again proves to be unflappable and accurate, coping with all the variations which surround sound movies can throw at them.   

Here’s Jim Swantko’s conclusion from his review at Home Theater Review website:

In my opinion the Focal Dome 5.1 system sets a new standard for micro speaker systems. It doesn’t just sound great for a micro system, it sounds great compared to speakers that are larger and cost many times more. For the enthusiast who wants high-end performance but cherishes their floor space, the Focal system may be your dream come true. For home theater soundtracks – the Domes immerse the viewer in whatever they are watching with smooth, accurate and often powerful sound. In two-channel mode the Domes throw an amazing soundstage and sound as good with thrash metal as they do acoustic ballads. Wrap all of this performance in a package that looks like it should be on display in an art museum and you have the Focal Dome system. Needless to say I loved this speaker system. They are as much art as they are function and because of that, they lead their class. Don’t buy a 5.1 sub-sat system without auditioning this Focal Dome system first.


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