Bowers & Wilkins684 S2 Floorstanding Speakers – display only.

$1,299 Was $1,699


Bowers & Wilkins684 S2 Floorstanding Speakers – display only.

$1,299 Was $1,699

A completely revised design
Slimmer and more efficient, and with improved detail.

Switching to 5-inch bass/midrange drivers from the previous 6.5-inch cones, means the 684 S2 is now significantly slimmer than its predecessor, with simultaneously improved audio performance, thanks to Bowers & Wilkins innovation. The two Kevlar cone drivers benefit from smaller voice coils to increase sensitivity.

The 5-inch drivers now also feature Anti-Resonance Plug dustcaps, technology taken from our high-end PM1 speakers, that improve pistonic movement inside the voice coil. This helps to deliver amazingly distortion-free midrange performance, all in a smaller space.

The 600 S2 series features a new tweeter derived from the top-of-the-CM range model CM10. They are further ‘Decoupled’ from the cabinets to reduce vibration.

Preventing cabinet vibrations reaching the tweeter leads to cleaner, sweeter high-frequency performance. Synthetic gel cushions a Decoupled tweeter, with the assembly isolated from the mounting. The result is a more natural, spacious sound.

Sound from the rear of a driver or tweeter can bounce around a cabinet and undermine the good sound coming from the front. Nautilus Tapering Tubes, filled with absorbent wadding, reduce unwanted sound to a minimum.

It is the lovely refined and airy treble that has been the hallmark of the CM series, and now that fine character has been “trickled down” to the 600 series as well. While not all aspects of the build standard of the CM series can be expected to be present at the lower price level of the 600 series, there are many benefits of the design expertise and manufacturing standards that B&W prides itself on.

The twin kevlar woofers in the 684 S2 have had a re-designed central piece (dust cover) fitted to further reduce distortion and maintain coherence at louder volumes.

The 684 S2 hits a sweet spot in coming in at an affordable price while delivering both refinement and a large scale of sound. While not quite matching the 683 in depth, it has the sparkling top and midrange (plus plenty of bass) to ensure your enjoyment of a wide range of music – or movies.

As a group the 600 S2 series can be configured as a full surround system, bringing lifelike sound quality to your movie experience. The makeup of the system can be varied to suit your room and budget.


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