YamahaT-D500 FM/DAB+ radio tuner


YamahaT-D500 FM/DAB+ radio tuner


Component-size DAB+ tuner
Also has AM/FM for complete reception options, can be used even where DAB+ isn’t on yet!

Digital Audio Broadcast Plus (DAB+) is the new radio broadcast standard and will, over a lengthy period, replace both AM and FM around Australia. As with Digital TV, it offers an improvement to sound quality (particularly for AM stations) and offers more channels. The consumer benefits from more variety and improved sound, and at the same time the electromagnetic spectrum currently taken up by a host of radio stations will become available for other uses.

Over time the major manufacturers will produce suitable tuners, but Yamaha have been early into this market with a very good offering. The T-D500 DAB+/AM/FM tuner in full component size (435mm wide)  matches their amplifiers cosmetically, and is of a minimalist style which can go with other brands too.
The fact that it also does AM and FM means it can be sold into any part of Australia ahead of the DAB+ launch there, knowing that it will function well on local radio in the meantime but be ready as soon as DAB+ is rolled out in that area.
It has analogue and digital outputs so can be connected to all sorts of amplifiers, stereo or surround sound models, or the new digital-oriented Peachtree amps.


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