Magnum DynalabMD 801 FM/DAB+/Internet tuner


Magnum DynalabMD 801 FM/DAB+/Internet tuner


Media Tuner/Streamer
Hig-end unit with DAB+, FM, Internet Radio, Audio Streaming

The MD 801 is a slightly lower specified version of the MD 806, but has similar functions. What you’ll notice firstly is that there are no balanced XLR outputs fo stereo, just the RCA left/right. You still get the coaxial and optical digital outputs, and of course the LAN connection for internet radio and streaming.

The MD 801 Internet Media Tuner gives you multiple audio sources: Access to over 20,000 Internet Radio stations and podcasts via on board WiFi antenna or LAN. Access to terrestrial FM, DAB/DAB+ and locally connected music collections in a variety of formats (including AACs, Real, MP3s, FLAC and WMA). Then there’s good old FM, in Magnum Dynalab’s proven high-end performance.

Intuitive & Simple Software: Internet radio stations are neatly organized and searchable by various categories (including country of origin, most popular, favorites). Touch screen displays easy-to-read information on current track’s metadata, genre, bit rate, codec and sampling rate. Personal audio collections (attached via local network or USB flash stick/hard drive) are easy to navigate via artist name, album name or genre. When connected, the software automatically connects to the host for the latest firmware updates.

Simple Functionality: With a 9.5mm faceplate, a stately 9cm color touch screen on the faceplate, and a solid steel chassis, the MD 801 is a direct cosmetic match with other Magnum Dynalab components – a simple and refined piece of audio gear.

World Leading Components: Wima capacitors, Kimber Hyperpure wiring throughout the unit, upgraded connectors and other components from world-recognized suppliers are all a testament to the overall build quality of the MD 801 – ensuring long life and listening enjoyment for many years.

Power Supply & Ground Plane: Like all Magnum Dynalab products, particular attention has been paid to the grounding plane. The same unique grounding loop found in many of our top-end products is also designed into the MD 801, and the result is a signal free of impurities that originate with the ground plane. A custom toroidal power supply ensures all voltages are kept within our exacting specifications, leaving an unimpeded original signal to flow through the unit’s components.

Flexible Outputs: With RCA stereo outputs, the MD 801 will seamlessly integrate into any home audio system. The unit comes equipped with optical and coaxial (RCA) digital outputs, for use with an external DAC.

Note: The pricing in Australia (including GST) for Magnum Dynalab is closely comparable to the US, where the list price for the MD 801 of $US1799 has to have state taxes added, in many cases making it more than here!


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