VariousVinyl Starter Package


VariousVinyl Starter Package


A vinyl adventure calls…
If you’ve been thinking about getting a turntable system but not sure where to begin we have the solution!

If you’ve been thinking about discovering the joys of vinyl records but aren’t sure where to start, or perhaps you’re considering a new system to re-discover a long lost passion for HiFi, then you’ve arrived at the right page! 

Our Vinyl Starter Package is going to: 

> Sound fantastic in a way only vinyl can
> Deliciously look the part in any situation
> Offer reliable, hassle free playback
> Withstand the test of time & offer different source options
> Allow for modifications (turntable) in the future if desired mmm mods  
> Perfect for smaller spaces such as appartments, studys, bedrooms or offices! 

Given the ever increasing interest in vinyl records, we thought that it was time to offer an all-in-one package that offered very good performance, asethetics and excellent value for money. As a result we tried various combinations and come up with what we feel is a very fine  combination that we’d be more than happy to call our own. It’s also important to note that although we are calling this a ‘starter package’, it is by no means ‘basic’ or ‘budget’. We guarantee this system will offer very good sound playback and satisfy your new (or renewed) passion for vinyl records for years to come! 

Let’s have a look at what’s included: 

The Turntable – Rega Planar 1
One of the best bang for buck turntables on the market today, The Rega Planar 1 offers many features that where previously the domain of TT’s costing twice or three times the price. Offering a w/ plug and play design with easy setup. Planar 1 has a hand assembled RB110 tonearm w/ preset bias force combined with a pre-mounted Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge. You’ll marvel at the distortion free sound thanks in part to the low noise, low vibration motor. Rega made sure that every single aspect of the Planar 1 was meticulously designed for optimum performance and this will be apparent from the first disc you spin. A turntable that you will be proud to call your own and share with family and friends.
Colours available are Gloss White or Black. 

For more on the Rega Planar 1 click here

The Amplifier – Marantz PM5005
A superb match for the Rega PR1 – This quality integrated amp from Marantz, provides very fast and accurate signal handling with customised components for sound tuning, a phono stage MM equaliser, as well as Marantz’s ‘Source Direct’ functionality to ensure shortest signal paths. With 40w of power into 8 ohms – it offers excellent sound quality and support for the Rega. PLUS it has five (5) Line Level inputs, headphone input and a remote control. Masters of sensations are our friends at Marantz.  
Colours avaliable are Black or SIlver.

For more on the Marantz PM5005 click here

The Speakers – Triangle Elara LN01 
The compact bookshelf sized speakers from highly regarded French Manufactuer, Triangle ‘Electroacoustique, will seduce you with their delightful musicality and ability to handle a wide range of frequencies with ease despite their compact size. Elara’s warm sound delivers great listening pleasure, no matter what style of music inspires you. They are a perfect accompaniment to the Rega Planar 1 and Marantz PM5005 and they fit in with virutally any decor as well – Ca semble bien!
Colours available are Gloss Black or White. 

For more on the Trianlge Elara LN01 click here

The Cable – Inakustik “Premium” Speaker Cable
It would remiss of us not offer some decent cable as part of our Vinyl Starter Package. In fact good quality cable is key to ensuring that your system is passing through signal from the Amp to the speakers without restriction. Premium Speaker from InaKustik is one such offering bringing delight to performances with it’s finely stranded 0.15mm wire design and resitant insulation, it’s the choice of music connoisseurs and professionals.  

For more on the Inakustik Speaker Cable click here
So to get the vinyl system you’ve always dreamed about, just get in touch with us OR visit our show room for an audition at 64 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove!

Please be aware the Vinyl Starter Package is a limited time offer while stocks last. 


The Turntable

The Amplifier

The Speakers

The Cable



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