RegaFono MM moving magnet phono pre-amplifier.


RegaFono MM moving magnet phono pre-amplifier.


Excellent Phono Stage
Is your phono-set sounding a little flat? This superb all-rounder that will deliver sonic excitement you’ve been missing!

Get a Fono MM from Len Wallis Audio for big and powerful sonics. Tight, punchy bass and excellence dynamics!  

The Fono MM is a moving magnet disc stage which has been designed to be effective, easy to use and above all reproduce music. The new surface mount board layout has been optimised to work with the latest generation of RP turntables!

This compact design, now housed in our custom case to aesthetically match the rest of the range, offers performance way beyond that expected at this price point and makes an excellent addition to any vinyl based system. The Fono MM simply connects to the line input on the amplifier and the tonearm leads and earth (if used) to the input sockets and earth terminal of the Fono MM back panel.

Why do I want this?
Many of today’s AV components be it a reciever or an amplifer either don’t have a provision for Phono activities (rather foolish aren’t they) or they’ve installed a poor quality phono circuit that will suck the life out of your recordings (not what we want at all!).

So what to do? 

Don’t dispair vinyl loving friends, all is not lost. An easy fix to improve the sound of your system is to hook-up this little box of Pre-Phono-Amp-Trickery AND in next to no time you’ll be enjoying big, powerful, punchy sound. Sit back, relax and be entertained by a wider, more open soundstage that gets the best from sparse, voice-driven recordings, while bottom end power, coupled with great dynamics, ensure bassy tracks have presence and rhythm. Yes please. 

Delight in treble notes are crisp but never bright, while the generous serving of bass is always controlled yet exciting at the same time. You won’t regret getting one of these, so get down to the Len Wallis Audio showroom and give your turntable the presence that a Rega Fono MM can deliver. Your welcome.  

Input sensitivity = 3mV for 200mV output / Input loading = 47KW in parallel with 100pF
Maximum input level = 100mV
Minimum output load impedance = 36.5dB
Power requirements = 24v AC @ 110mA (Rega PS1)
Frequency response (50KW load) = 17Hz (-3dB) to 100kHz (-0.2dB)
RIAA accuracy (50KW load) = +/-0.2dB 100Hz to 100kHz
Dimensions W 178mm x D 140mm x H 45mm.


Input sensitivity

Min.output load

Frequency response

RIAA accuracy




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