Peachtree AudioMusic Box


Peachtree AudioMusic Box


The high-end near-field experience is yours by simply adding a musicBox system to your desktop. Music is recreated like in the studio with a wide, deep, solid image.

The musicBox is small, and we rate its power output at a modest 20 watts per channel. Yet it always surprises first time listeners with its big, room-filling sound. The musicBox’s MOSFET power amplifier stage and careful attention to details like these high-qualilty speaker binding posts are just some of the additional ingredients in the musicBox’s “recipe for magic.”

This integrated amp with tube buffer, top of the line DAC and PURE DIGITAL iPod dock is recommended for office spaces and desktop audio. It is paired with the mB3 speakers whose speaker’s secret is its aluminum speaker cone – providing excellent transient response with low distortion. The “speed” of this aluminum-coned driver – coupled with a rigorous design process – allowed us to utilize only this single drive unit in the mB3. The result is a wonderfully coherent and “real” sound.

The mB3 speakers are complete with matching stands, so you can set up your speakers vertically or horizontally. Quality binding posts are also included.


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