Musical FidelityM6s DAC Digital to Analogue Converter


Musical FidelityM6s DAC Digital to Analogue Converter


32/768kHz up-sampling
The M6s DAC is a very high quality 32/768kHz upsampling/reclocking DAC

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The M6 SDAC is a very high-quality 32/768kHz upsampling/reclocking DAC. It has 7 inputs: 3 x Coax, 3 x Optical and 1 x USB. It will accept all data rates up to 32bit 768kHz and DSD 64/128. All inputs are upsampled to 32/768.

The M6SDAC has incredibly low distortion, 0.0004% at 20kHz…breathtaking. Stereo separation is better than 120dB. Noise ratio is better than 119dB down….the music is presented on a black velvet background. Linearity is better than 110dB. It excels in every technical area.

The fixed/variable, single ended/balanced output stage employs state-of-the-art components and circuitry which deliver superlative technical and sonic performance and exceptional load driving characteristics and will drive any combination of cable/length/electronics flawlessly.

The headphone amp has the same design philosophy and implementation.

The Stuff that Matters: The Sound

The M6SDAC’s immediate sonic impression is of effortless grace and transparency…there is a sensation of communication from the artists that is hypnotic and compelling. It is so musically integrated: the whole sound is sweet and clear; the treble is completely grain free and extended.  The bottom end sounds endless with tactile bass dynamics and light speed fast attack/decay. The imaging, as you would expect from better than 120dB separation, is excellent: side to side, image placement, a palpable sense of the recording venue that places the performers in real-time holographic space.

The M6s DAC In Brief

  • 32bit 768kHz
  • True Upsampling/Reclocking DAC with DSD
  • 7 Inputs
  • Very High Performance Headphone Amp
  • Single Ended and Balanced Fixed/Variable Outputs

Power (RMS): 1.5W
Type: Transistor
Tone control: NO
DAC Converter: ESS Sabre Pro ES9028PRO Hyperstream II
Signal / noise ratio: 120dB
THD: 0.0004%
Frequency Response: 2 – 90.000Hz
Channel separation: 105dB
Output impedance: 47 ohms
Input sensitivity: RCA: 2.2V RMS / XLR 4.4V RMS
Optical input: 3
Coaxial inputs: 3
2xRCA line outputs: 1
2xXLR outputs: 1
Headphone output: 6.3mm big jack
Dynamic range: 119dB
Pre-out output: 2xRCA / 2xXLR
Volume control: YES
Remote: YES
Power consumption: 20W
Height: 10cm (4 inch.)
Width: 44cm
Depth: 38cm
Weight: 6.9kg
Warranty: 24 months



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Signal / noise ratio

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